Why Choose Civicom CiviSelect for Your Respondent Recruiting Needs?


The success of your project starts with the right recruits. We accept marketing research recruitment assignments we can complete successfully using our internal team or through working with one of our global recruiting partners.


Our recruiting services are local to global and cover single market to multi-market studies populated with respondents located in the U.S., Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, or the Middle East, in English or a local language.


We provide discussion guide analysis, screener writing and review, respondent technology screening, disposition reporting, scheduling, and participation guidelines for interviews, focus groups, mobile research and online studies.


Our recruiting expertise adds great value when your study involves technology such as webcams or mobile devices. We make sure your respondents meet your study’s tech requirements by assuring they are tech-ready.

Civicom Has Partnered With Schlesinger Group

The global leader in recruitment and project management and the global leader in web-enabled and internet based qualitative solutions have come together to enable researchers and clients to easily connect with research targets to conduct the highest quality online conversations and engagement.
Technical know-how, people know-how and creative thinking are the key fundamentals of our collaboration. We’ve recruited for and facilitated virtually every kind of phone or web-enabled project possible. Together, we set the standard in client-centric online solutions.
We use both web-to-web and phone-to-web solutions to maximize our recruitment success in achieving a highly-engaged pool of participants. As we refine our search, we adapt our techniques for requirements particular to the success of your chosen online method.

Schlesinger Recruits Specifically for Online Qualitative Success

to discuss how our partnership in online qualitative solutions can accelerate
and deepen your insights as a single method or hybrid solution.
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